January 05, 2005
And the world turns...
I haven't been able to do much as I've been pretty damned sick again. If I was to allow myself, I would actually start getting depressed about it, but that's just not me.

I went back to work Tuesday, but have been very ill. This bronchitis that seems to have developed has not made the kidney non-function stuff any fun at all. I seem to be really hanging by a thread but I just can't take time off work. We are just trying to do too many things there and are already shortstaffed so I go and do what I can.

Yesterday, I was there until 2pm, and today to 3:30. But I'm beyond exhausted. I slept through my alarm this morning and I don't ever remember doing that before. The pain is just under that invisible line of manageable/non-manageble so I keep myself pretty doped with the codeine. Fever from the bronchitis seems to be around 101 since Monday. The coughing is wearing me out a bit unfortunately.

The thing is if I go back to the doctor, she'll definitely advise me not to work. Then if I did, it would be AMA and I don't want to do that until I absolutely have to. Meanwhile, if I don't go to the doctor and keep dragging my ass, I am not doing anything against advice, technically. I guess I have such a hard time with this because my boss isn't too sympathetic and last year, my illness that put me in ICU was brought up in my job review that I let the team down at a particularly bad time.
Great guilt trip!

Anyway on better topics, the baby is adorable. Hayley is doing very well adapting to the big sister role and Shannon is feeling pretty good considering her body was really giving in at the end. In the last week, she started to develop some complications, related partially to the gestational diabetes. She had some serious swelling, vision probs, etc. But even in the 24 hours since the birth, she's felt her energy return and is feeling a lot better.

Well, I'm back to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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