August 24, 2005
The Two Johns

Last night was the John Foggerty/John Cougar Mellencamp concert in Vancouver.

In a word, phenomenal.

I came away feeling like I had seen the greats. The guitar, the music, the crowd atmosphere will remain etched in my memory.

Both these men know how to entertain, and know what music is.

And because I'm not always known for following the rules, I took a few pics and even some video. I'll upload them tonight to share. The rule regarding no photography and no video always baffles me. It's not like what I can take is worth any money, nor takes anything away from them.

If nothing else, it is a testament to their powerful music and their awesome talent. And I will post them as my words will do very little to convey how amazing they were.

It was a very long set and we didn't get out of there until well after 11. And after the bust that was Bruce Springsteen a few weeks back, I felt vindicated. I would have listened all night, if they would have stayed. All the favourites and I've spent all day today humming between 'Put Me In, Coach' and 'Cherry Bomb'.

These past few weeks have been so stress filled and I was getting to the point I don't often do. I had become crabby, weepy and felt like my head was spinning out of control. The pain that has decided to become my constant companion was wearing on me and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. The last thing I wanted to do last night was to make my way to a crowd-filled stadium on my crutches. But having said that, it was the BEST medicine anyone could ever have asked for.

A few hours of singing, hooting, hollering and cheering broke that tension like nothing else could. The smells of the stadium - chocolate mixed with b.o. and pot - was oddly interesting, though. The electric atmosphere ripped all those cobwebs out of my head and I have been smiling all day.

I have fortunate to have seen many a concert and many of the 'greats' - Cher, Billy Joel, Garth Brooks, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Great Big Sea, Travis Tritt, to name a few.

But this one will definitely rise above them all. What a night!

Vancouver, British Columbia
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