January 20, 2005
Mindless musings
I can't believe Blogger just ate my post. I've heard of it happening but urgh, first time for me! That'll teach me not to save in betweeen.

I'm giving up on going into work today and have been sitting here surfing around on websites and blogs. Comments popping into my head, here and there, so I thought I'd just pop them into a post. I'm a news junkie. It's sad. Gotta have my daily fix. Sometimes, it gets out of control. I have been known, as with the recent Tsunami tragedy, to be tranfixed watching and reading everything to all hours of the night. Or back when the Iraqi war just started, I often woke up at 2 or 3am and flipped on the news to see those early days of imbedded journalists filming miles and miles of sand. I am often teased by my family and friends about it. It's cool. They call me SueNN. One graphic designer friend actually did up a logo...must find that again, I was impressed. Even at work, my boss made comment that I didn't need to know the headlines as soon as they happen, but at the same time, often comes to me to ask what's happening where. So with that....my rundown on some of the more current events.

I'm gonna leave the inauguration stuff out. It's an American thing. It's been talked about enough, by people much more eloquent than I.

Today, 24 years ago, the American hostages in Iran were released. The reason I remember is that this is my brother, Ray's birthday. He was turning 19, the age of majority in Canada. It sort of stuck with me. I'm like that with dates though. Anything number related, and it sticks in my head like Crazy glue. Anyway, happy 43, Lieutenant B.

What's with the lovely Miss Sydney Simpson? Seems she shares her father's anger issues, poor girl. The 19 year old was arrested for disorderly conduct in Florida last weekend. I'm sure there's more to the story. There always is. But I'm sure the fact remains she wasn't using her finishing school manners that day.

How big was that baby in Brazil? That Mom must have been so uncomfortable! 16.7 lbs of baby, let alone all the rest of the weight that goes along with it. She must have been a wreck!

The NHL players association is meeting today in a Toronto airport. Yesterday, it was a Chicago airport. Purportedly, because it's neutral ground. I'm a deprived hockey fan. I never thought I'd say it. It's been part of my life growing up, and although I never really stopped my life because of a game, it's just always BEEN there. Like air. Like trees. It just IS. This year, I have truly missed it and I hope something can be figured out soon. The greatest benefit, though, is that the oft-forgotten talents of the OHL, WHL and other minor and semi-pro leagues are being spotlighted. Those that still are there for the game, and not the politics.

So there's a dirty bomb plot in Boston? Huh, somebody's been watching a little too much Third Watch, I think. I hope. The story seems a little too off for me. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's that it's not really being picked up as any more than a side story. Or that it's not even being reported locally here in Canada. My mom thinks I've made it up....of course, if it's not on our 6 o'clock news, it didn't happen.

Locally, we're still on flood watch. There were a few minor mudslides overnight. No one else killed, but the lady that lost her life yesterday was a well-known professor at the local college. Her husband is in critical condition, but will likely live.

An interesting article on Eid Al-Adha on CBC. One quote "Meanwhile about 2.5 million Muslims took turns hurling stones at pillars in Mina, Saudi Arabia." struck me. Imagine, what that would be like? The crowd would be tremendous. I could never imagine myself wanting to be in such a large crowd of people, especially those hurling rocks. But, good for them, to be so committed to what they believe in.

And how sad is this? A 16-year old troubled teen falls to his death in a courthouse elevator shaft. I can only imagine what his family must be going through. It's hard enough to deal with a wayward teen, but to have to lose them in such a preventable way. So sad.

A sex-addicted doctor in Ontario loses his license after posting nude photos of him and his escort on the internet. Wasn't that a plot line on Nip and Tuck? I love that show. I can't wait for Season 3!

I've been making a concerted effort to leave comments on blogs as much as possible. I know when surfing through on BlogClicker or BlogExplosion, the tendancy is just to ramp those credits up as much as possible. I'm guilty of it, definitely. It's addicting to see those numbers rise, but it only takes a few extra seconds to leave a little comment. It's worth it. I've been trying to these last couple days and it's sort of adding to the experience for me. Of course, do whatcha want. I'm not one to preach to anyone. I'm a live and let live kinda person. I just know, for me, it's been a lot more fulfilling since I've actually tried to read a few of the blogs rather than just ripping through them. There are some really great thoughts floating out there in the blogosphere.

Alright, enough rambling. Thank you if you made it through this post. It's just a rambling, rainy nasty day so therefore it felt like a perfect opportunity for some rambling type of posting. Hope you are all having a good one!

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