December 25, 2004
And a good Christmas to all!
As I'm sitting here eating chocolate and watching my Top Gun-Special Edition DVD, I'm happy to report that I was mistaken and this has been a pretty amazing Christmas so far.

Spending last night at my brother's place brought me into a pretty happy place. Hayley was precious with her gift-opening. Her manners are impeccable, although she did get a wee bit confused about who got her what. I got hugs and kisses for a few more presents than I was responsible for, but I wasn't complaining. And I was spoiled beyond spoiled. It has been a pretty lean few years for my brother's family and while they've never gone overboard, I was knocked to the floor by my gift. An absolutely breathtaking amethyst pendant necklace. Even just typing this up now and I'm getting all veklempt! They also got me the 90's Trivial Pursuit - can't wait to play that!

We had a little scare last night though. Hayley was beyond excited and took a running bellyflop right onto her Mom's tummy while Shan was laying on the floor. It knocked the wind out of Shan and she started having mild contractions. For about 5 hours, it seemed like we might have our own little Christmas bundle but they settled off this morning and she's feeling better today.

This morning, at my parent's I was again thoroughly spoiled by both my parents and my aunt. The Top Gun movie, lots of clothes, accessories for my Kitchenaid mixer and track lighting for my kitchen. I am still in awe. We usually don't go all out for Christmas...or rather, they don't but I usually do. It's not unsual for me to spend $75 on a person in my family, and in return, I get a stocking stuffer worth $10. It shouldn't matter, and it really doesn't but even still, it shocked me nonetheless.

My Dad loved his Tim Taylor special, a leaf-blower/mulcher and was already out hunting leaves by the time I was leaving.

Talked more to Todd and he's feeling a little more upbeat, although he's feeling bad he didn't buy anyone gifts. He was so focussed on this deployment that Christmas just sort of snuck up. Meanwhile, since he's one of the few left where he is, he's been pulling guard duty at the worst times. Like 2am - 6am shifts! Oh, well...keeps him out of trouble, I guess.

And in other things, I fedex'd the second package yesterday and it's already in Memphis this morning, so it would seem it's going to actually get there this time.

Of course, Mom's still depressed but ya can't have everything. If we just keep walking on eggshells until she gets drunk, we'll be fine.

Now it's back to Maverick and the gang. 5 hours of special features on this DVD too!

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