December 25, 2004
Top Gun teardown
"I'm not going to sit here and blow sunshine up your ass"

That's still one of the best lines in any movie and one that's stuck with me all these years.

Hadn't watched this movie in at least 10 years so had forgotten some of the finer moments. Seeing it again, and I'm transformed back into that 16-year old girl watching it in a movie theatre back in '86.

I can still call myself an 80's chick though, as I can pick out a Kenny Loggin's tune at 40 paces. 'Playing with the boys'...a fine song I will need to add to my MP3 collection. And I nearly forgot how young Meg Ryan and Val Kilmer looked! They're just babies! And Tim Robbins was in this? Totally forgot that!

What is with all the gratuitous tighty-whitey shots? I'm not complaining, just commenting.

It made me start thinking about some of the lesser known 80's stars. What ever happened to Steve Ratzenberg? Judge Reinhold? Peter Scolari? Lori Singer? And what about the kid from "A Christmas Story", Peter Billingsley?

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