January 31, 2005
Our new little man
Finally, I get to see his eyes. Just 2 days short of his 1-month birthday!

I haven't blogged much about Alex's first month of life yet. It's been a little rocky. Not only have I not been able to get to know him with my little saga going on, but he also has had a run of sickness. Poor little guy had Pink Eye already! And now has a terrible cold. So tough on such a little one.

The good news is he is already 10 lbs. 11 oz. (nearly 2 lbs. over birthweight) and loves his food.

Tonight was great. I got to have a cuddle with both the kids. Hayley's still wondering if this whole new brother idea was really the best her parents could come up with. I mean, he's alright, I guess but he keeps CRYING!

Another call from my NavyBoy today. This whole satellite phone business is not going to be the most fun, but I will take what I can get. Speaking of which, does anyone have any idea where I can buy AT&T Phonecards online?

Vancouver, British Columbia
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