January 29, 2005
I am in the process of uploading my entire MP3 collection onto my new Nomad Zen MP3 player. 30GB, seemed doable but holy hell, that's a lot of SPACE! I have so many random CD's all over the place full of MP3s. I've finished uploading about 13GB (or around 4000 songs) so far....still miles to go. But I'm finding one incredibly annoying thing as I look through the list, it's missing tonnes of information. Some have uploaded only information like [track 1] or [unknown], or better yet, something as descript as 223.

There are few things that really rankle me in life, but one of my pet peeves is either unfinished forms, or spelling mistakes. So I see this little database of music, and it's poorly set up information, and my little perfectionist side of me starts convulsing.

So tonight, it would seem I am playing a little Name That Tune Solitaire.

Play a song. Listen to the first 5 seconds. If I can name it, great. Fill in the info and move on. I'm batting about 75% right now.

But, if not, it's onto Google heaven. I am amazed at how many lyric sites there are out there. Type in something as obscure as 'Here comes Johnny" "Government Loan" and lyrics, and I'm dutifully informed that Iggy Pop sung Lust Of Life and it's from the 70s.

I've also learned I've been suffering from a 20-year old case of Lyrichosis. All this time, I thought Journey sung in Faithfully 'Loving an amusing man isn't all it's s'posed to be'. Ahh...MUSIC man. Whatever. He was probably was amusing too. I liked it better that way.

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