January 24, 2005
The worst day of the year?
This morning, BBC reported that today is the official worst day of the year. A combination of foul weather, debt, fading Christmas memories, failed resolutions and a lack of motivation conspire to depress. Great way to throw a smile on your face on Monday morning!

Turns out it ain't been all that good after all. Again, I fight myself here not to be down and depressing. There's way too much of that, and it doesn't do anyone any good!

We started our company redundancies today. One of the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to work for was the first to go. This is a man who pushed me to become what I am today. I fight with my insecurities over the whole BookSmart/StreetSmart story all the time (damn you, Trump, for listening to my thoughts again!). However, R never saw that in me. He saw what I could do, and always pushed me to do it. Subtletly. Most of the time I never realized he was doing it, until I looked back later. Everything was a negotiation to him and he was very instrumental in the organization as it is today. These last 7 years, it was he who had the vision to see us as an international success, and not just a mom-and-pop store. But, sadly, things change. Loyalties fade. New management doesn't see the blood sweat and tears, only the bottom line numbers. So we lose a man who held our department so close, we became a family. The company loses a high-level manager and many, many vendor relationships that will be very difficult to rebuild.

The story is that is just the start. So many numbers being thrown around right now. Everyone's scared. Puffed up bravado everywhere ya go... In all honestly, I really can't get too excited about it. I'm either going to have a job or I'm not. Nothing I do will make a difference, so it ain't worth worrying about. It's a job. I actually think we're safe anyhow...something tells me R was the sacrificial lamb.

I went to the doctor again today for a check on the pneumonia. Good news is that it seems to have stopped progressing. It's not better, but it's not getting worse. The cough is ridiculously bad. I sound like a seal in mating season. Don't be surprised if you see me balancing a ball on my nose and clapping my flippers, I mean, arms together. When I start craving sardines, I know it's bad!

She's sending me for more tests. Basically, to test for lymphoma. At this point, my head is just going blahblahblahblah I'm not LISTENING! But because I've been sick since October, and the cough, fatigue, swollen lymph glands, kidney stuff, backpain and headaches are just not making the doctor happy. I guess she's tired of seeing me every week. Whatever, I'm helping her kids through school...she should be! I must have CASHCOW stamped on my forehead! Speaking of which, I kinda made the paper. I wrote a few letters after my unfortunate incident in December and was referred to as "Irate hospital patients demand change" in the local paper. They've now admitted that there really is a problem and it needs to be addressed.

But because I am not letting freak out about it (yeah, right!), I would just like to share a blog I found tonight. Cav is such a wonderfully upbeat and hilarious person. I only wish I could share her great sense of humour!

Ok, nuff about me. Time for some news comments...

CTV reports that 30% of Canadians are ignorant about the Holocaust. So 3 out of 10 Canadians live under a rock. Seriously? Speaking of which, I wonder if the Idiot-Prince Harry ended up making it to Auschwitz today for the 60th anniversary memorial service. I really hope that his Dad made him follow through on it. It really should not be swept under the rug. It is a big deal. Period.

So the US has spies? The Pentagon confirms they have a secret branch. But don't tell anyone, 'k ? Is this really news? Maybe I am just not getting it, but did anyone really think they didn't have some sort of clandestine information gathering department, if not more? Every country does, for domestic and foreign interests! I mean, heard of undercover cops?

And apparently, Bush didn't really mean it last month about missile defence in Canada. Gawd, ya can't make any comment under your breath these days without everyone making a federal case of it.

They say being big-boned runs in the family. So the whale and the hippo are related. They do look sort of familiar now that you think about it...hmmmm....what's the next step? A whalopottamus?

Nice to know Vancouver makes the international news scene with this little story. Again, why is this news? He's a shoplifter. Plain and simple. Doesn't matter what you steal, you're just a thief. It's like Beavis-and-Butthead were in charge of the headlines today.

And congrats to Madame Rowling on the birth of her 3rd little Potterling. She-who-has-not-been-named, arrived over the weekend.

Speaking of which, a fun little time waster is always Celebdaq. Run through the BBC, you can 'buy' shares in celebrities. Based on how much a certain celebrity is reported in the media during the week, you receive dividends. It's kinda addicting!

Ok, pet peeve about how the media reports. Why do they have to write like we're all complete idiots and have been living in caves for the last decade? Reading a story about the tsunami, it's detailing the recent developments and then the last paragraph states "On December 26, a tsumani ripped through South East Asia killing 226,000 people'. It's like You're kidding? Really? How come I never heard of this before now? Similar reading a story on terrorism, and then seeing a paragraph stating "On September 11, 2001, 4 planes were hijacked...", etc. Naaaaaawwwww....you don't say! It just really grates on me! What editor would actually let that go? Do they really and truly think there is ANYONE who is reading in the entire world that does not know these basic facts?

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