January 27, 2005
And you just knew it would happen..
We had a fire alarm at work today. First one in probably 4 years. So, trudgingly, (if that's not a word, it should be) I put my coat on, and evacuated. Well, started to, then ran back for my cell phone in case I got a call. We got outside, were there about 90 seconds and then the all-clear rang for us to go back in.

Sure enough, Todd called.

10 freakin' days I've waited for that call. 10 days of news reports, my mind wandering. 10 days of not leaving my desk, even for lunch or moving more than 3 feet without my cell phone. And he calls then? The 5 minute window.

Of course, he gloated. 'Ha, Sue...you told me you'd stay by your phone. Thanks for keeping your promise. Ha ha.' Argh.

He said his next chance is probably not 'til Monday. Great. Performance review day.

But the bright side, he's safe. We'll just have to go with that. The funniest thing I'm learning about myself on this path is how little it takes to make me happy. He once hiked a mile down the road in a snowstorm to find a payphone to call me when he couldn't get an open line at the training centre. I was on Cloud 9. It's the little things that somehow become the big things.

Ooh, great line on Law and Order the other night. 'He doesn't just have issues...he has a subscription.' I am so going to have to remember that one.

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