January 27, 2005
Politically Incorrect Day
Yesterday was Politically Incorrect Day in our office. There's a view around our department of a big ol' WTF. We haven't heard any more about the headcount reduction, so the mood has passed the somber zone and gone right into the giddy world of whocaresatall. It's a much less stressy place of practical jokes, rude comments and bringing all we've learned in those mandatory Sexual Harassment courses to shame. Someone once said of the S.H. courses, that at least we were being taught how to do it properly! And with that, the following post will be somewhat suggestive. You've been warned! =)

I work in a procurement role. So time to time, we get fairly odd requests considering we're an Scientific R&D type company. We have had to source an anatomically correct model for a male catheter. The sample we got in was contained in an oversized lunch-box type container, and when opened, it contained a very real-looking, um, package. Although, we decided it was a bit small, really.

My boss hates not being part of a secret. Or if he thinks he's not part of a conversation, he will make a point of coming over and standing there, like some kid being picked last for the school team. The exchange went something like this:

BossDude: 'What's in the container, b?'
b: 'Oh, nothing...just a package'.
m: 'it's a bit small really....'
BossDude: 'Can I see?'
b: 'Ahh...no, it doesn't really concern you'
BossDude: 'But what is it? I want to see....'
b: 'Well, it wasn't really addressed to you'.
BossDude: 'But it's to our group, isn't it? Can you eat it?'
b: 'Well, some do. Some really enjoy eating it'
m: 'Just shouldn't use your teeth'
b: 'Actually, the instructions say you shouldn't use your fingernails either'.
BossDude: 'Oh, ya gotta show me....' [voice taking on a whiney quality]

b: 'Oh, ok, don't be a baby. Close your eyes and stick your hand in'
BossDude closes his eyes, and starts rooting around in the lunch box.

The look of pure horror comes over his face as you can see his hand encircle the um, tubular part of the model.

BossDude: 'But, but...it feels like....SKIN'

Apparently BossDude and Mrs. BossDude don't go for the extra fullmeal deal, after all.

The container was then dutifully zipped back into it's original condition, with a note attached to one of the other managers: 'Your wife dropped off your lunch today'. I have rarely heard a guy scream but you certainly knew when he opened it.

Tension breaker. Had to be done.

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