February 09, 2005
Browser browsing brouhaha
Another time waster from Sweet Memes. Can you tell I'm procrastinating on the web design?

What you do is type in every letter of the alphabet in the URL address line of your browser and whatever comes up, you put on here. Somehow, I thought this was really neat.

A = Your Dictionary
B = Physical Review B Homepage
C = CNet.com
D = D-Link Systems
E = E! Online
F = F-Secure
G = Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
H = H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online
I = ITools
J = Jennifer Lopez (oh, gawd, kill me now! Please tell me my niece has been online again!)
K = KDE Homepage (no friggin' clue what this is!)
L = European Union Online (and this is under L?)
M = Texas A&M University
N = Blue Web'n
O = O'Reilly Computer Books
P = PFlag
Q = Q4Music
R = R Project for Statistical Computing
S = Hoover's Online
T = ATT Online
U = WhatUSeek Network
V = Welcome To Bobby
W = G O P.com
X = X.org
Y = Yahoo! Messenger
Z = HealthAtoZ

Ok, in all honesty, this has got to be the FREAKIEST exercise I've ever done! Out of the 26 sites above, I think I've only ever been on 3 (E,Y & Z, for those keeping track). What is with the other ones? Why in the heck would I ever be on GOP.com? I'm Canadian, for Cripe's sake!

About 75% of these sites, I've never even HEARD of them before or even anything remotely connected to them. Like the Physics page? Apparently my computer is a geek and has been having quite an online existence without me.

Welcome to Bobby? How stalkerish sounding is that?

Seriously, if you've got an extra 10 minutes, try it on your own browser. Trust me, it'll astound you...

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