February 07, 2005
Q & A
Found this on Frenchy's blog and thought it was a great little get-ta-know-ya...

I am- content.
I want- respect and fair treatment.
I have- a fantastic family and support of good friends.
I wish- for health.
I hate- ignorance and close-minded people.
I miss- my cousin, who passed away in 1997.
I fear- losing a loved one.
I hear- airplanes flying overhead.
I search- for true love.
I wonder- if I'll ever have my own family.
I regret- nothing.
I love- those who love back.
I always- procrastinate, especially housework.
I am not- an angry person.
I dance- like Elaine on Seinfeld. My niece has been known to shout 'Don't ever do that again!'
I sing- in the car by myself.
I cry- rarely, but when I do, I look like Rudolph. It's a great deterrent.
I am not always- sure of my next step.
I write- to release stress.
I win- once in a while at the casino. Only just enough to make me going back.
I lose- when I don't trust my instincts.
I should- spent more time with friends.

Three things I'm often complimented for: wit, humour and eyes.
You get embarassed when: I stammer or stutter. Was a real problem as a child but now only when I'm nervous.
What upsets you- when I know people are being two-faced.
You keep a diary- often...since I was 10. Sometimes, I read my teenage years to remind me of how far I've come.
You like to cook- Love it! But don't get the chance much...no point in just one plate!
You have a secret you have not shared with anyone- Yes, don't we all.
You set your watch a few minutes ahead- I don't wear a watch. I figure I'm often near clocks anyhow - the computer, the telephone, the car...need to get away from it somewhere.
You bite your fingernails- No, but I do rip them when I'm stressed.
You believe in love- Without question.
The prettiest person of the opposite sex you know- Viggo Mortensen.
The weirdest person you know- Hmmm...maybe me?
The quietest person you know- My Dad.
Your closest friend- Leigh.
The person who knows most about you- Leigh.
Phrase you say constantly: Fair enough!
Most overused phrase on IM- =) I cringe but sometimes there's just no better thing to say.
The last image/thought you went to sleep with- Feeling Todd's arms around me.
Your best feature- Generosity.
An inside joke- Dead Cat on a Road
Take a shower every day- Baths...I hate showers.
Have a crush- Yup.
Think you've been in love- A few times. Sometimes when you least expect it.
Want to get married- In my deepest dreams...but I often think it's unattainable.
Any tattoos? Where?- Two. On my 'back hip', a rose/shamrock combination in reference to my family history of Irish and English heritage. On my ankle, a blue mountain butterfly to remind me of coming out of my shell and learning to believe in myself.
Piercing? Where?- Ears. 4 on one side, 2 on the other. Looking into bellybutton once I get well.
Get along with your parents- Extremely so.

When you see this name you think of....?
Ryan- My sister-in-law's cousin...Ryan Stiles.
Rob- An old coworker who was let go for sexual harassment.
Stephanie- My best blog buddy, Stephie!
Heather- A girl who was my best friend in elementary school but left after getting pregnant at 12.
Aaron- Hmm...can't think of one.
Amy- Heather's sister.
Eve- Some sort of femine hygiene product.
Jon- A friend who I recently thought was lost in the Tsunami tragedy but luckily was just cruising on holiday and didn't bother to call.
Kellen- Is that like Helen with a spelling mistake?
Justin- Can only think of the Timberlake kind.
Tatie- Another spelling mistake? Katie with a slip?
Jack- My Uncle who died in 1983.

Screen Names- suebrina, cdnsue, snapper
Natural hair color- dark brown with 60% grey
Current hair color- light brown with blonde streaks.
Eye color- hazel.

Number- 4
Color- purple
Day- Sunday
Month- July
Song- Today would be 'Love Lift Me' by Amanda Marshall.
Food- pasta with a garlic cream sauce.
Drink- Coke, or cranberry and soda.
Veggie- broccoli (yeah I know I'm weird...)
Fruit- mandarin oranges.
Season- Summer

Cuddle or make out?- Both. Any.
Chocolate milk or hot cocoa- Hot cocoa with marshmallow
Milk, dark or white chocolate- white chocoloate
Pepsi or Coke- Coke
Ketchup or mustard- depends what it's on. Either works.
Beach or mountains- Beach at the base of a mountain.
Cold or hot- Hot

In the last 24 hours have you...?
Cried- no
Helped someone- yes
Bought something- Otrivin, and Milk. Exciting, I know...
Gone to the movies- nope
Gone out to dinner?- To a friends for roast beast and yorkshire pud.
Written a real letter?- Yes. For Todd.
Talked to an ex?- Yes
Missed an ex?- Thought about one, but missed? Not really.
Written in a journal?- Blog, but not paper.
Had a serious talk?- Yes
Missed someone- Yes.. absolutely. But that's every second of every day.
Hugged someone?- Yes
Kissed someone- No.

Who is the last person who-
Slept in your bed with you- My dog. Human? My wee niece.
Saw you today- An old friend I haven't seen in far too long (Hi, if you're reading this!)
Saw you cry- Same person from the above. Well, heard...to be more exact.
Spent the night in your house- My niece and her kids.
You shared a drink with- My best girlfriends.
You went to the movies with- My mom and my Aunt.
Yelled at you- Can't remember. Doesn't happen often.
Sent you an e-mail- My friend in England, who's marrying my ex.
Said "I love you"- Todd

Been to...?
New York- yes
Florida- no
Hawaii- yes
Mexico- yes
China- no
Canada- yes

Danced naked- Yes
Dreamed of something really crazy and it happens the next day- More regularly than I care to admit.
Stalked someone- No...but have been stalked, yes. I'll have to tell that story one day, it's not what you'd expect!

Pick one-
Apples or bananas?- bananas
Red or blue- Red
Walmart or Target- No Tar-gay's up here, and no Walmarts closeby. No preference really.
Math or English- English
Drawing or painting- Hmmmm.....haven't done either in years. Drawing, I guess.
High School or college- High School, I guess.

Last time you were out of the province- Early December, can't remember the exact date.
Lucky number- 7
Things you like in a girl/guy- Honesty, intelligence, humour
Weirdest thing about you- I read magazines back to front.
What book are you reading now?- The Haj, by Leon Uris.
What's on your mousepad?- Simba and Nala
Favorite board game?- Life
Favorite sound?- Hayley's laugh
Worst feeling in the world?- Worry
What is the first thing you think about in the morning?- How do I feel today?
Romance or horror movie?- Romance
How many rings before you answer?- Wait for the call display and then decide.
Future daughter's name- Neve Rose.
Future son's name- Aidan Charles
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?- Depends how much Molly ate before she went to bed.
If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be?- Writing or something creative.
What are you going to do after you finish this survey?- Go to bed. It's 1:30am!
What was the last food that you ate?- Golden oreo cookies.
Last movie you saw in a theater?- Meet the Fockers
Was it good?- Hilarious. Loved the little kid!

Vancouver, British Columbia
A patriotic Canadian full of visions of a better Canada, random thoughts and a lot of hot air. Who am I? A struggling writer and photographer, who looks forward to a better Canada. I read. A lot. I learn. A lot. I push myself. A lot. The world is a small place, and getting smaller every day. I'm proud to have friends in every corner of the earth, and abide by the old adage that there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.

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