February 08, 2005
Unique Experience #1
Tonight, as I mentioned earlier, I had the pleasure of seeing Veronica Tennant speak as part of the Unique Lives and Experiences lecture series.

Madame Tennant has had an extraordinary life...or really two extraordinary lives. The first half of her career saw her as a Prima Ballerina in the National Ballet Of Canada. By a young age, she had illustrious dancing career that saw her dance with some of the world masters the likes of Nureyev and Baryshnikov. I have never had much of an interest in classical dance although grew up knowing a fair amount as my best friend in elementary school later became a professional dancer herself. So I knew of Veronica Tennant but never really thought much about her.

In 1989, Veronica changed careers and became highly involved in filmmaking and bringing knowledge of arts to the masses. She hosted a show on Canadian television which showcased the arts from across the nation, be it ballet, cowboy poetry or ice sculpting in the high north. She also became an Honarary chair for UNICEF and it was for this work that she was awarded the Order Of Canada, the highest honour in the country.

What impressed me most about this woman was not just her determination, her drive, but more the fact that she just seemed so down to earth. Like she was just one of us. She wasn't any more special than anyone else, and in fact, often felt quite insecure in her earlier years. Her husband was university-educated, yet she was not, and it bothered her. Criticism was taken deeply and she spoke of her frustrations of her own physical shortcomings. Veronica made her point clear, that we need to embrace change and live in the now. Upon being told that her teenage years should have been the best of her life, she responded 'No, now is the best time of my life. My NOW'. She urged us to live for the moment, to believe in ourselves for our own uniqueness and to accept our own shortcomings as beneficial rather than detrimental.

One quote that stuck with me tonight was "If you see a glass half full, grab it and drink it down, and start all over again''. Very profound, and it struck a chord with me. I have been given a new chance here and the world is my oyster. Now it's just about finding that pearl. I encourage everyone reading this tonight to take a look at what you have and be thankful for the uniqueness your own life offers. Live in the now, live for you!

Vancouver, British Columbia
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