March 29, 2005
Denial of assistance
How would you like to be this mom? Her baby, just 6 days short of his first birthday, falls down a flight of stairs. She frantically calls 9-1-1 as her baby screams.

The paramedics arrive and declare nothing's wrong. That 'babies don't break' at this age, and leave.

Realizing that her baby is in need of help, she drives him to the hospital himself while he keeps passing out. Turns out his femur is broken.

The ambulance service is looking into it.

With rising waits at hospitals, it's one of those 'inside tricks' that if you really need help, call an ambulance. If you walk in, you are in line with the rest. But if you come in by assistance, the paramedics must wait with you until you are admitted. Not sure if that's the case here, though.

I wonder what was going through that paramedic's mind when he misdiagnosed the injury. I certainly hope at the very least he must go through retraining.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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