March 17, 2005
The night it was...
It started out ok...we went for dinner at a pub in honour of the day. I had a couple of Bailey's and Hot Chocolate and even found myself laughing a lot. Then the call came.

Ron had another attack this evening. He is, again, resting comfortably in the Cardiac ICU but we remain in purgatory. They know he has blockages but without the test cannot confirm how serious they are. The fact that he continues to have attacks is not a good thing, but he did have a rally today where he felt quite good and took a bit of walk.

The test he requires is at another hospital. There are only two hospitals available for this test, and understandably, are incredibly overbooked. He is only one of many in his situation. We had been assured he would be transfered today, but then were told there were no beds available. Such is the life of an overburdened medical system.

His Chief was going to talk to the hospital and see if there was anything that could be done. It's been a bit of a parade of the Blues today, as a good percentage of his shift mates and other friends in blue got the word that he had fallen ill. If there is one thing to be said, it's the brotherhood of those wearing the badge. They have really taken to the cause and are being a lot of help.

So we wait. Every moment is an eternity. Every second a lifetime. I think I may go stay with my brother's family for the next few days as being home in this house by myself is not good, and gives me far too much time to think and worry.

Thanks all who have been praying and sending thoughts. It's much appreciated.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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