April 17, 2005
The Purest Form of Happiness

There is nothing in this world that makes me smile more than seeing a baby laugh. Lex has learned not just to laugh, but to giggle this week. I haven't said much about him lately but that kid definitely has my heart strings pretty tightly. He's already 14 lbs. and such a strong little man. Loves nothing more than to stand on his own two feet, and if he could he'd love to walk. Of course, at just over 3 months, there's no chance in that! So we hold him up, standing, and he laughs like a champ.

His sister was only 15 lbs. at a year old. Hayley's extremely slight and tiny (still wears 12 months clothes at 3 years of age!) but Lex will be nothing of the sort. Such a chubby little guy - already suffers from a bit of dunlop. (belly dunlop over the diaper!)

It's times like these I wonder if I will ever have one of these myself. For the longest time I said never. Mostly because of never having a strong enough relationship or feeling safe enough to even consider it. In my mind, for it to be right for me, I need a strong family unit. A husband and a good situation. It hasn't happened yet, but who knows what the future holds? There's definitely a little broodiness in me.

Todd and I had a long conversation about kids today. Specifically his little girl. He's so worried about how she's fairing with him gone. It's hard. His ex has different parenting values than he does so being far away, he feels like he has no control. Of course, he also has to find a happy medium himself. He's only able to do so much from where he is. I told him that he's got to remember too that Bethany has enough to deal with...her Dad not only being overseas but also dealing with her parent's divorce too. At 10, it's a tough age. Ahhh...it makes me feel so useless - I wish I could do something more that just listen.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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