April 14, 2005
Plugging along....
Well, I may (fingers, toes, crossed) have an opportunity for a job. I got a call back for a position that looks quite promising. It's within a half hour's drive, no bridges and they use all the systems I'm familiar with teaching so I hope! Spent the day researching it and getting to know who they are and tomorrow's interview hopefully will go well.

I am somewhat ready to go to work again, but at the same time, as the spring weather continues to improve, part of me wonders if I can't just relax a wee bit longer.

So in true shopaholic fashion I spent the day shopping for interview clothes. Sure, I already had some but you can never have too many clothes. I am going to cringe the day I start co-habitating with someone else. I have all 3 of my walk in closets filled, as well as 2 cupboards. There isn't any room in here for another person.

I am still kicking myself over a poorly worded phonecall with Todd the other night. It doesn't matter if you're significant other is right beside you or a million miles away, every relationship has it's trials. Especially when you have a mouth that shoots off before you think. He called me the other night, just before bedtime (and my defense being I had just taken some migraine medicine) and tried to sing me a love song. I laughed and told him not to quit his day job. [cringe] For some reason, I thought he was asking me to name the song, sort of a lyrics question, but then I realized when his response was somewhat wounded, that he was being serious and trying to be romantic. Doh! It has been far too long since I was in a relationship, and to say I have commitment issues is an understatement. I can't seem to bring myself to call him my boyfriend (except when I type it), nor say the "L" word. Do I feel it? You betcha. Big time. He's my first thought in the morning, my last thought at night and most every moment in between. I can't imagine my world not being enriched by him. So why can't I tell him that?

My friend had very wise words last night. She told me 'You have to take a risk sometimes to find the reward.'

So now I haven't heard from him in 48 hours. After hearing every day practically for the last 3 weeks, and with this screw up, it seems like EONS. He's probably just crazy busy with his work but I just want to hear his voice again so I can tell him was a jerk I was.

Ok, in my surfing today, I heard from Plain Jane that it's Blog Forward day. A day to pick a couple of your favourite reads and send some joy their way.

I've mentioned a couple of these before, but I just want to link Stephie's Thoughts. She lost her very dear friend, her poodle Jerrica today. Jerrica was with them over 17 years and passed on with Stephie by her side. For anyone who has a pet or has lost a pet, you know that pain is exquisitely painful. Take a second and go give her a comment hug.

A couple of the newer places I've found myself visit:

Al's Girl - A really friendly girl who's going through the support side of being a military girlfriend in Alabama. She recently celebrated a milestone - 300 days until her sweetie is back in her arms.

The Deployment Diary is another military wife-blog I love to read. Shannon's a really good writer and I enjoy her style.

Senior Thinking - Mike runs a thoughtful, introspective blog and always has something interesting to say.

And with that, I'm back to my book...

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