April 09, 2005
If they can do it...
So can we.

That's what I told my Mom today.

If 200 Heads of State can go to the Pope's funeral and put their differences aside, surely, we can do the same for my niece's shower tonight.

My family has been feuding for years. I still don't quite understand why, except that after having my peacemaking hand slapped one too many times, I gave up. Yes, my Dad wasn't always there and travelled a lot. Yes, my Mom liked her wine just a little too much, but aren't we supposed to accept our parents for their flaws when we get to be adults?

My niece is from the 'other' side of the family. Everyone's quick to say it's not her fault that we don't talk, but the tension building over this shower tonight has our little world spinning.

It's being held at the queenpin of Evil, my sister-in-law, Judy's. Judy hates my mother. I don't use that word lightly. She made it quite plain after marrying my brother in 1985 that he could chose her family or his but it wasn't really a choice. He only keeps in touch once in while with my Mom now, but it's just when he's at work. He calls from the firehall when no one's looking. Sure, he shows up when people get sick...sometimes. If it works and he can get away from Judy. Maybe I'm giving him too many excuses. Who knows? I haven't talked to him in eons.

My Mom has been getting increasingly nervous about going. If only they knew what torture they put her through! I mentioned that my windshield wiper was damaged, and she tried to take it as an out. 'Oh, guess we can't go then. It'd be dangerous to drive'. Yeah, not likely.

Most of the strife in my family comes from the women. The men really get along quite well. My brothers, if they hadn't gotten married, I'm sure would be the best of friends. When Ron had his heart attack, all his brothers came to visit, called often and were geniunely concerned. Of course, not one of the wives did. My brothers married all strong, opinionated women. I am the baby by a decade so my voice was never loud enough or clear enough, and by the time it was, the damage was long done.

So tonight we will go to my niece's shower. And if I have anything to do with it, we will get out of there without insults flying. Of course, if Evilgirl decides to make a comment about my mother's drinking again, gloves are off.

Should be a blast!

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