April 05, 2005
The Wedding Redux
So Charlie and Cam have had to postpone the wedding a day, so Charlie can represent Mummy at the Pope's funeral.

I keep giggling. I keep imagining the Queen taking Charlie by his wrinkled ear and laying down the law.

'But, Mummmy...I'm getting married that day'

'I don't care what you are doing. You are going to the Pope's funeral and you'll like it'

'But, you don't understand, Mummy. The media already hates me. It's just going to make it so much worse'

'Oh, I understand more than you imagine. You didn't have the balls to send your wayward son to the Holocaust memorial when he truly needed an education. Maybe me sending you to the Pope's funeral might do something to that spineless soul of yours.' [shakes her head sadly]

Charlie footstops..'I never asked to be King. I hate it, Mummy, I hate it. Why can't we be like everyone else?'

'You know what, Charlie, I don't like the fact that you're my son either, but that's what happens. We deal'.

She turns on her heel. End of story. You can say a lot about her but she certainly rules that family with an iron fist.

Seems this article sort of bears out my little scenario, actually.

The article I read said that the poor souls that were already booked for Saturday won't have to change their times but something tells me it's not going to be the day they planned.

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