April 05, 2005
Now for something completely different...
I need to lighten up the mood a bit. I'm all fired up about the blogo-storm in Canada and it's not helping matters.

So the other day I eluded to the fact that I visited a psychic. Angela to be exact. I have always had a fascination with those that truly have the gift, and yes, I'm well aware that there are many who don't and just scam it off. But Angela is not like that. She has 20 years of experience, and has quite a reputation behind her.

I grew up in a family that believed in the psychometry. My Mom and her sister can speak to each other without words. We know when each other is in trouble. It's happened more than once and continues to freak us out every time it happens.

Last year, I went to a psychic in Waikiki just after I met Todd. She was bang on and freaked me out by telling me more about him than I even knew at that point. So I'd been wanting to go again and waited for Angela to be in town again.

To put it mildly, she did a great reading. Not that it was all good, mind you...actually I walked out dazed and drained. She even made me tear up at one point, and believe me, that's not an easy thing to do.

She took me offguard right away, when about 10 minutes into the reading, she suddenly said - "Who is the picture of the man with the gun that you carry?'. Of course, it was Todd. His picture is in my wallet and he's in Iraq, full uniform holding the big-ass gun they all do.
He's coming into your life in a time where everything will change and your perception of it. You're pushing the walls away where you were once limited and gaining more insight. You will look back in a few months and say "Ignorance is bliss, but I can never go back."
Hmmm...is it my perception of the war? Well, that has definitely broadened. Although I'd always been supportive.
I feel you two are in a spiritual relationship, a meeting of the souls. It's very deep and has likely been that way for other incarnations. But I don't see you on the same team though. He's coming from one side, and you from the other. There will be lots of friction, but still much growth. He will fight against it. It doesn't mean you're wasting your time, but that you may feel wasted later.
Again, not exactly roses and sunshine, but nothing has been so in this relationship yet. The team could be interpreted many ways...we are from two different countries, to start. We also have very opposite views on subjects.

She then went into some very personal stuff about him, and much was very accurate. I won't go into it here. I still feel that a lot of his life I must be secretive of, and out of respect, I will just say he is in a very complex situation and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon, unless he starts accepting things for what they are.
He will make it back but not all he sees will. He will see tragedy befall before his eyes and it will haunt him the rest of his days.
I told him that. He didn't seem to impressed. I guess it could be easy to say about anyone serving in the sandbox though. She also turned off the tape at this point and told me about a reading she had done for someone who had lost a brother-in-law in the WTC. She felt the spirit of this man slowly dying under steel girders, but couldn't tell her client of his pain. She said it was one of the hardest things she had ever done, and it was all she could do to assure the lady that he was no longer hurting.
Why are you not in nursing or counselling? she asked. You've had lives where you have been protecting children or people and that's something you do well. It's an open door with you and your spirit allows people to feel naturally comforted by you. It's your natural calling. Facilitating that is a gift.
I have always had an interest in counselling, actually. Not that I have ever done anything about it. No idea really where I would even start to be honest. Odd that she mentioned it.
You're going to make such a difference on a large scale and it shows. A definite difference will be made because of your actions.
Ack! Freaky! The pressure!! Seriously though, who knows? Maybe more people than I think will be reading my ramblings here.

Then the last part she said brought me to very humid eyes, which sort of took me by surprise:
If anyone can bring Todd home, it is you. You really underestimate the power you have on the people you meet. Especially him. He sees the sunshine when he looks your way. There were angels that connected you. That type of bond does not easily break.
I told him about the angels too. He thought maybe the word "Angel" is a metaphor for "Pina Colada".

It rocked me a lot more than I expected it too. Even if skeptics would wish to pull it apart, she was quite specific and I felt more like I had been counselled more than 'read'. She asked me to keep in touch, and gave me her personal email too. It was definitely one of the most bizarre readings I ever had.

I guess time will tell.

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