April 08, 2005
Link letters
I'm short on time today..oh, who am I kidding? I tried to stay up for the funeral last night, and failed miserably. I ended up fitfully dozing all night and am paying for it today. Not only that, we saw the aftermath of a horrific accident in front of the theatre that just won't leave my mind. A 25 year old man ran in front of a fully-loaded cement truck. It was the last thing he did.

So I thought I'd just link some interesting blogs I've come across today, until later when I'm more awake and can do the Whoopi Goldberg talk properly.

Neurotic Iraqi Wife muses how different things could have been, one day many years ago.

And if there was ever any question of how far we've come in this world, have a look at this. Gemmak posts a bit of a 60's era sex ed guide. A little bit is pretty much all you could take!

Scarlett has a great post up on the wonder that is kudzu.

Another Beslan? A scary thought at InTheBullPen.

Strong and Free gets it right on the mark in regards to the Air India trial disaster.

American Soldier shares some of his favourite photos. I plan on doing something like this soon too, but have a bit too much else going on - will hopefully next week.

You just never know when the next level of desceit will be breached. An insurgent disguised as a CBS cameraman.

My Mom said today that she couldn't understand how a family can raise a child to become a suicide bomber. Little Green Footballs has a good post on how it doesn't always work that way.

Introspection has a child's eye view of how to support the soldiers.

And one of the Red Ensigners, The London Fog, gets recognized by the MSM.

OkieOnTheLam has his latest set of his parent's love letters up. I have really enjoyed these. A fantastic link to the past.

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