April 13, 2005
It's funny...every time I start talking to someone and mention that my boyfriend is in Iraq, they look at me like I've just said something in a foreign language. There is the predictable moment of silence as they ponder the words going through their head and then there is one of two responses.

The first one is the most typical. Compassion and a genuine interest for what is going on. I have not yet found another Canadian who is in the same situation as me....dating a deployed US soldier, although those that seem to understand best are the ones that have had dealings with the Canadian military.

The other response, unfortunately, is pure ignorance. I find myself being a bit of ambassador, telling people of the positive happenings and the truth behind what the mainstream media tells us. But of that group, there are the people who just refuse to believe there is anything good. And these conversations never end well.

CaliValleyGirl has a great post up this morning about her encounters in Germany with the same issue.

A few incidents over the last few days though have my hands thrown up in the air. I emailed an ex-coworker yesterday to try to rekindle our friendship after I've now been gone a little bit. In the email, I updated her on my relationship with Todd.

The response? "how long is he going to be there? has he had to shoot anyone? how long is Bush going to keep the troops there? why did he go in in the first place? That's the million dollar question."

How does one answer that? In a calm, non-inflammatory manner? Well, P, when I talked to George this morning, he told me November 23, 2005 at 9:47pm. He went in there in the first place because he talked to Todd, and his buddies and they were bored with what they were doing, so they figured WTF. Let's go play with our toys.

It is a never-ending conversation. One that I seem to have to engage in a couple times a week. While it gets entirely frustrating, it only strengthens my resolve. CaliValleyGirl talks in her article about a person who is writing an article on the army but had never actually met anyone actually involved. This is what gets me. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just wish that those would do their homework first, before spilling out ill-informed comments that can be easily disproved. If they read and researched first, and still had that opinion, great...more power to them. But to just have a case of verbal diarrhea just annoys me. I get tired of hearing my voice defend the same points over and over again.

On the weekend at the shower, I pulled out pictures of Todd in his uniform, holding his gun. I admit I do sometimes do this for reaction. Especially with my family. They never know what to expect of me and I was told recently they'd be surprised if I ever did anything conventional. A compliment really....at least I can think for myself. One sister-in-law looked down at me and whispered 'They don't come back the same you know...' This comment just riles me. Well, that's it then. Let me just pack up the bags and walk away. Who stays the same? Life changes everyone and no one gets out alive. The other SIL just sneered 'Never saw you with an American.' Huh? Still shaking my head on that one.

The other roadblock I'm facing right now is with AT&T cards. I can't buy any locally and every site on the internet requests a US address. I have also heard there is a way in the US to buy a AT&T card and just fill it with money periodically. I tried a few months ago, but gave up finally when Todd asked me to. However, I've decided to give it another go...for nothing more than a little project to maybe learn a little about it.

It costs Todd about twice what it would to call a US phone number, and while he insists it's not a big deal, I do feel I should shout a few phonecalls once in a while. Especially when he's calling daily, if not twice a day, of late.

After unsuccessful attempts to find a website, or a local representative, I finally received a very cheery note from the AAEFS (Army and Airforce Exchange Service) giving me a toll free number I could call to see how they could help. So I called. The phone number not in service in Canada. Argh!

Yes, I could give in and either use a friend's address in the US or take a drive across the line and call from there. But I am determined to figure out a way to do this. Who knows? Maybe I'll even end up teaching someone something new!

Vancouver, British Columbia
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