April 10, 2005
The shower that was

I hadn't seen my niece in 3 years. And even at that, it was only about 20 minutes in the middle of a party I'd organized so it wasn't exactly quality time. Before that, I think she was probably 15. She turns 24 next week.

She has grown up a lot. I feel like I barely know her! But then I guess I really don't.

This wedding is for the ages. It is off the pages of a magazine and is costing a pretty penny. Her mother advised her to just take the money and elope but she would have none of it. Such is her dream, and far be it for us to chose for her. A girl's dream of a big fancy wedding can be so powerful.

Had to laugh though. Upon looking at the 'granny pants' she was given as a joke gift, she exclaimed 'Do people really use this for the tummy slimmer function? What does it do?' I told her I will remind her of that in 10 years.

On the length of marriage, she commented that most marriages don't really last any way but at least you get a great party and cool gifts. I surely hope she was just teasing, but her Aunt responded, 'Don't expect this if there's a NEXT time!'

This wedding will definitely be an experience. I look forward to it!

Vancouver, British Columbia
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