May 06, 2005
Dontcha hate it?
when you have the flu?

I have been down for the count more or less since Tuesday. I thought my nausea was related to my nerves but it would seem it's just the old-fashioned stomach bug. I am really not having any fun at all!

I spent from about 2am this morning being violently ill, to the point that I have purple splotches on my face from dry heaving. Nice, just absolutely beautiful. I went to work but only made it 2 hours before they sent me home. I've slept on and off since then and am now just trying to get moving, but am not doing so well at it.

I did, however, hear from Todd this morning. He's being a big dumb boy at the moment. He started off the conversation with 'I got hurt the other day'. Of course, my mind reels to the casualty incident and my heart starts skipping beats. Turns out instead of anything dramatic, he was just trying to outdo the younger guys at the gym and decided to lift weights double the amount he was used to. About 10 reps in, he felt a rip in his upper back and shooting pain.

Ugh. Testosterone is a dangerous thing.

Off to the doc he went, who seeing his injury chided him. Doc asked him what made him do such a thing, and Todd told him 'I was just trying to keep up with the young bucks'. The doc laughed and said 'Well, you can't do that for much longer. Take me for example. I'm not able to any more now that I'm 41'. Todd replied 'Well, I'm turning 41 in August'. Open mouth, and remove foot, now.

So he was injected with pretty strong pain meds, which got him all loopy. When they were at a stop light, he saw the car beside him move and thought it was his van moving suddenly, and he grabbed the dashboard. He's supposed to take it easy and no more weight lifting for 3 weeks.

It's my niece, Shan's birthday today. She's 23. Unfortunately, it's not been a good one as most of her friends are more into clubbing, than wanting to come to their house for a party. Life really does change when you have kids, and she's learning how hard it can be. But we'll still have a shindig tomorrow night and make the best of it.

Back to the couch...I'm outta energy again.

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