June 29, 2005
Canada's wacked priorities
So it would look like the parliament has approved the Bill for Same Sex Marriage. After an absolutely endless debate that was like some B-Movie you knew the end of and could practically mouth the words of the script, the result was predictable. 158-133 for allowing same-sex marriages.

As much as part of me has a somewhat 'live and let live' approach to most things in life, it has disappointed me to no end that this law ate up 4 MONTHS of parliamentary time. When laws like Carly's Law, mandating stronger sentences for drunk and prohibited drivers who kill, gets pushed to the backbench, I really question the priorities of our government.

Why are we spending this much time on what really amounts to a private issue when our country continues to fall down time and time again, on matters that truly affect the average Canadian?

It occurred to me that the next parliamentary debate should be the Spinsters/Bachelors Social Reform Policy. There are many of us who certainly didn't start out life expecting to be single all our lives, yet that is the path that we ended up on. Was it nature or nurture for us? Can we blame our parents? Can we blame our genes? Or was it just the luck of the draw?

Either way, we are destined to spend our days separated from the majority of the population. Paying taxes for services that we will seldom use a family-sized portion of.

Where is our bill? When can we legalize 'single' as a separate subgroup, allowing us to collect special pensions from the 'SPP' (Spinster Pension Plan)? Give us subsidies for eating alone in restaurants and going to movies by ourselves?

Ok, I'm being facetious. But seriously, this whole waste of extraordinarily precious time annoys me. It never should have been allowed to! If anything, it should have been voted on in the next federal election - which is pretty soon, right Mr Martin? Let the people speak. Not the politicians who are in a bigger hurry to further their own careers above anything else.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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