June 26, 2005
It was a good day

So yesterday was the big company golf tournament. I continue to be amazed by the friendliness of the people who work at this company, and the feeling of true community spirit. Most of the group are friends outside of work too, and it's just accepted that we all are just one huge family. I cross my fingers and toes every day, that I can be part of this group for real and that this 6-month contract works into something a little more substantial. I feel right at home here, and will be truly sad if it doesn't work that way.

I took the 6 month contract because I wanted to be available for when Todd returned from the Sandbox. But now I'm thinking it would work out well, if I could just stay and Todd and I will figure the rest out. Good jobs are hard to find.

Back to the golf tournament. My first time EVER on a golf course. I had now been to the driving range twice. Once was a disaster. The second vaguely better, once I realized it was my body that was supposed to move and not my arms. I turned out to be a fairly quick learner, and it was a lot of fun! I kept up with the rest of my group - and if I do admit so, was even better than one of my teammates that actually does play once a month. He was getting so frustrated, and kept missing, while I would hit the ball straight and strong each time. Granted, strong still wasn't even slightly strong enough to get it far, but that will take time.

We got back to the clubhouse with a respectable +3 for the course, and settled in to the banquet and party. Prizes were given out and there were so many prizes everyone could pick 3. I picked a shirt for my Dad, a new Supersoaker water gun (the dog goes crazy for water!) and a steering wheel lock. I thought I was on top of the world...a fantastic day, a newfound interest that I'm hoping to learn more, good people and even a great tan. Who knew it was even going to get better?

The host then announced it was time for the grand prize drawing. They held up an entire set of titanium golf clubs, which resulted in some ooh's and ahh's from the crowd. Apparently titanium makes much better clubs - who knews? So imagine my surprise when it was MY name called! I won the grand prize of clubs. No bag or anything, but I'm not complaining! I was so excited and am taking this as a definite sign that I will need to learn this game.

It was not just a good day, but a great day. And while I'm incredibly sore today, I am very happy.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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