June 01, 2005
When hate is not hate...
Yesterday, a very disturbing story broke here involving a young Sikh man who was apparently accosted by some youths in a local park.

They apparently held him down, took his turban off and cut his hair off with boxcutters.

The Sikh community and the police appealed for calm. Veiled threats were thrown around about how the perpetrators were probably safer in police custody. The police took the situation very seriously, as they should and investigated it as a hate crime, with racist motivations.

I live about 10 minutes from the park in question. While it is generally a safe area, I wouldn't feel comfortable at night there. There are apartment buildings facing the park where a couple murders have occured, and there are often police incidents. Probably not on the same scale as something inner-city but here in the 'burbs, it's definitely an area on the police radar screen.

Now, personally, I find the thought of someone being assaulted in this manner the lowest of low. Anyone who is singled out for his/her beliefs and abused in a manner has my complete empathy and those involved should be dealt with in the strongest methods available in our judicial system.

Buuuut, when the next day doubts begin to surface about the youth's story and it turns out he may have just made it up for attention, my blood boils. It is reckless, misdirected and completely reprehensible to incite racial tension. If he is found to have fabricated this story, then he should feel the wrath of the justice system himself. Forget being troubled. I realize the boy must have many emotional problems but considering the world today, and the tense atmosphere, this needs not to be covered up and swept away. Just like that Runaway Bride in the States a few weeks back, this dude needs to face the music.

And boxcutters? Dude, really...what teenage thug walks around with an X-Acto knife?

Vancouver, British Columbia
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