July 24, 2005
Stopping to think
The news of the British police fatally shooting a man in the Tube is tragic.

Even more so for the fact that the situation dictated the police officer had no option. It is sad and regrettable, but this man did give the police reason to doubt his intentions.

We are currently in a situation where the bad guys are not wearing devils horns and uniforms. The decision to shoot is not one taken lightly and there is no time to think. Just take a look at the Anchoress's post if you need to have a little visual reminder.

That police officer will live with this shooting the rest of his life. He will go over every single moment over and over again, considering what he could have done differently. That moment, that split second when he felt he must pull that trigger, he would have truly believed in his soul that it was the only choice he had to save others. To serve and protect. It's what we need our police officers to do.

It's better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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