July 14, 2005
Knee-ly news
Ok, lame subject title, but hell, my blog, my sad attempt at humour.

I mentioned briefly last week that I was having knee problems. I have never had any sort of knee issue in my life but 2 weeks ago, I got out of my car and my knee fell under me. I had to grab the hood of the car from going down completely.

Since then, each step has been excruciating. Walking more than a few steps leaves me feeling nauseated and extremely uncomfortable. I tried to ignore it. But it woke me up at night quite a few times and all the Advil in the world didn't seem to be touching it.

Finally last Friday I gave in and went to a walk-in clinic against my better judgement. The doc was very pleasant, poked and prodded me and declared me to have a partially torn LCL. Fair enough, it'll heal in time, I thought. The doc told me nothing could be done but rest and ice. 'It'll hurt for a while, my friend', he grinned.

Well, it has and then some. I can't seem to walk up or down stairs and have taken to sort of hopping down them. I bought a tensor bandage thing that seems to support it better than anything, but nothing seems to give me relief. And of course, given the situation with my Mom, my health is definitely in the back seat at the moment.

Today though, I decided enough was enough and booked an appointment with my GP. I expected the old lecture of 'lose weight' and I think that was part of the reason I didn't want to go. Well, I was surprised, and caught off guard by what she found.

After a series of x-rays, it turns out I have torn cartilage, not ligaments. It is severe enough for a laproscopy apparently, and I am now being referred to a surgeon. It's quite a lot to take in, considering I have never really had problems before.

Of course, now I'm on the endless waiting list in the void of our medical system. I spoke to a few people today that have had similar issues and have been told this could be months now before I even get to see a surgeon, let alone actually get the procedure done. Not really sure how I'm supposed to get through it, but I assume it will heal to some degree that I'll be able to walk a little better hopefully.

Holy hell, though. I just start getting my health in order, getting more active with golf and just getting out more in general. Not to mention starting a new job. I am NOT impressed.

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