July 13, 2005
Balming of London

We took on the Romans, the Saxons, the Danes, the French, William Wallace, the Black Plague, the Roundheads, the Great Fire, Napoleon, the Nazis, and the Blitz, and we're still here. You terrorists are bloody amateurs.
Check out what Snopes has to say on the 'Balming of London'.

Hearing that the culprits were homicide bombers was deeply frustrating to me (and many others, I'm sure). How do you even begin to police that? If their own families truly didn't know, if we were to believe that, then how do you ensure it doesn't happen again?

It's like the freaks that do things like Columbine. They are so warped that normal logic doesn't apply. It is just a very sad reality that we live in.

Of course hearing more news like this doesn't help.

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