July 13, 2005

In the same vein as the post the other day, another piece of treasure from the family history box.

The inscription on the back, in my Grandfather's much younger handwriting reads:

R.R. armoured car "Scorpion"
Taken before handing over to the Irish Free State Army

Pretty funky looking tank! After watching 'Gunner Palace' last night for the first time, I was looking at this and thinking about the comment 'It'll probably slow down the bullet enough so it stays in your body'.

And in the background is that ol' Model T! Not exactly sure where this was taken but the majority of my Grandfather's time was spent in Cork as far as I know. After the RIC disbanded, he and his new English bride flipped a coin on whether to emigrate to Canada or Australia. You can guess what they got.

I spent a few hours trying to research on the internet last night, but now I'm more confused than ever. Will have to spend some more time on the weekend.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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