July 07, 2005
The next chapter
So this time, it's London. Sure, it's easy to say it's inevitable or that certain political decisions are to blame, but that's really not the point, is it?

A lot of people today lost loved ones, and many more were injured and will never be the same. And some not physically injured, but who saw things that will never leave their consciousness. Whie we sit here numbed by a number, there are people sitting beside hospital beds, and insane with grief...those are the people we need to keep in our thoughts and prayers.

I keep thinking about the 40 dead. It's not just a number. Imagine yourself standing in a crowd and then, poof, they're all gone. 40 people, 40 families changed forever. And that's not even starting to count those injured.

The point is we are reminded today that the world is truly dangerous and we can never let our guard down. There seems almost another level of complacency lately that made us feel that these large-scale terrorist attacks were sort of somehow a possibility, but the security feeling that has pervaded for the last few years hasn't really been evident.

My morning has been spend hearing from friends in London. Emails with subject lines like 'He's okay!' landing in my mailbox. Brings back those other days that remain in infamy...Bali, Madrid, and of course NY/DC. And hearing ironically from Iraq, as well, as Todd called to make sure that my friends were ok as well.

Been reading the first-hand accounts on the BBC this morning. Chilling stuff.

It's a sad, sad day. And my heart goes out to the Londoners. Today is not a day to armchair quarterback, but to stand with the people of London and lend our condolences and support.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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