June 29, 2005
Maverick has left the building
As much as I try not to spend too much time on celebrities, I have to comment on Tom Cruise's decline into oblivion.

Asked in an interview with the tabloid daily Bild if he believed in aliens, Cruise said: "Yes, of course. Are you really so arrogant as to believe we are alone in this universe?
That's right, Tom....instead of just voicing your opinion, insult the questioner at the same time. Have you been reading 'How to Make Friends and Influence People' again?

As far as drug free goes, it's a theory that plays little weight with me. While certainly there are many situations where alternative methods could be used, I thank my lucky stars every day that there is medication that allows me to live my life in a relatively normal way. I have chronic pain. I will be taking pain meds for the rest of my life, and believe me, if there was another way, I would be happy to do it, but there's not. Had I been born 40 years ago, I likely would have not had a productive life nor been able to hold down a job. Yet I can and do.

People who judge those without actually walking through that same path are just sad. Until you've lived with a chronic illness, or a debilitating injury, don't condemn those that have found themselves faced with that situation. I used to have a boss who had never been sick a day in his life, nor ever lost anyone close to them. Empathy? I had better luck talking to a bag of hair. So I assume Tom is just fortunate enough never to have really felt the pain of an injury nor the darkness that comes with it. How lucky.

A friend in the blogging world wrote this, an open letter to Tom Cruise. She said it well, and it's one of the best posts I've seen in a long time.

As for Cruise, he'll be playing with Michael Jackson, Christian Slater, Anthony Michael Hall, Jean Claude Van Damme and other face-planted stars from yesteryear pretty soon. Hopefully, Katie will have grabbed some senses and at least salvaged something of her young life by then.

This latest blathering about mental health is a big commercial for Paxil if I ever saw one. Dude, y0u may not believe in it, but seriously, take the little blue pill....you'll feel better and so will your publicist. Not to mention poor ol' Steve Spielberg who no doubt is in some backroom somewhere slamming his head against a wall.

Like most celebrities, I want them to entertain me. I don't want to know their opinions, their philosophies in life, what they do in their spare time. Nor do they want to know what I am doing when I'm not watching their movies.

I used to be a fan. Lt. Pete Maverick, Brian Flanagan, Ron Kovic, Joel Goodsen, Cole Trickle, Lt. Daniel Kaffee....Charlie Babbit, for gad's sake. Fine films, loved them.

But since the whole incident of leaving Nicole Kidman one month before their 10-year marriage, therefore disallowing her to common assets that the law allowed, he started sinking. The man does not seem to display any hope of humanity nor sense.

Even given his whole Oprah stunt was fueled by love, who jumps on couches and screams like that? Dude, that's just crass.

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