July 04, 2005
Support The Troops - Canadian Style

I often feel like I'm the only Canadian with a "Support The Troops" magnet on my car. It's funny how often, if people feel the need to comment, they refer to me being pro-American. Still not sure why that's an entirely bad thing....

Supporting those that are deployed, no matter what country they come from is important. Those that serve make a big sacrifice in their life. They leave their families, their friends, the comforts we take for granted in order to make the world a better place.

It's not always political, but more a calling and for that, I have always been thankful there are people in this world that will do that to ensure I can enjoy my life in the way that I do.

So it was with a bit of a surprise I found out today that the Canadian troops don't have a 'Support The Troops' campaign similar to the US. The men and women serving in Afghanistan, Bosnia, China and other far flung regions don't have any Adopt-A-Soldier-type programs, or letter writing organizations.

Girl on The Right brings this to our attention and asks us to help with her goal of setting something up for our oft-forgotten military men and women. She writes:

So what of our Canadian soldiers, stuck in Afghanistan with nothing but a rusted Korea-era tank and a potato gun? Nothing. No blogs that I could find, and worse still - no letter-writing organizations. They've been forgotten. By our government, by our media, by our citizens, and by our charitable Christian women's hearts. They fight shoulder to shoulder with their American brothers and sisters, who receive care packages from perfect strangers, and the Canadians remain unthanked.
Read the rest here.

Just because it's not the top of the news, or even if you have differing political views, the point is these people have put their life on hold for our greater good. The least we can do is show them that they matter.

I know I'll do what I can to help. I hope you will too.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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