August 18, 2005
Kids Will Be Kids
ArmyWifeToddlerMom always has great stories of her babies, Dash and Pink Ninja.

Today, however, was classic.

Raising children. Not for the faint of heart. Thanks, AWTM, for a good laugh tonight. And if those people couldn't see the humour in it, I am sorry for them. Better to raise kids with a bit of personality than robots.

Ms. Thang had a moment this weekend too. She was caught in the garden relieving herself. Not No. 1 mind you, either. The full meal deal. And not just at any time, but when the family had company over that don't often spend time around children.

Apparently, she had been pretending to be a dog all night. Barking, crawling on all fours and even sitting and rolling over. Much to the delight of the company, who praised her for her great imagination.

However, she took it one step further. Well, if Bailey goes on the grass, why shouldn't she?

Vancouver, British Columbia
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