August 13, 2005
Another kind of angel

Last month, Girl On The Right brought attention to the blogosphere of the lack of support for deployed Canadian soldiers. In the US, there are many helpful volunteer organizations that make mail call a little more special for those away from their families. But there are no similar Canadian organizations that currently exist.

Angels N' Camoflauge, an American organization has offered to spearhead the effort to help out our effort to help our fellow service members. They are a great and most friendly group of people and I urge everyone to take a look at what they are doing. From GirlOnTheRight's blog, she introduces the program:

So the Angels'n'Camouflage stepped up the the plate, and are spreading the word via American soldiers that they wish to adopt any Canadian service member who signs up. It is their policy that no veteran feels unloved, and if that means allies as well as Americans, so be it. We've got U.S. Chaplains contacting Canadian Chaplains. We've got people phoning in favors where they know someone who is serving in a joint operation. These ladies (and a few gents) have resources I could never have tapped on my own!
Read the rest here.

To become an adopter, you agree to a few things, such as reliable contact and to send regular mail and care packages. After signing up, someone will call you and do a bit of an interview to ensure you are serious.

This week, I was given the approval to become an official adopter. From what I understand, there still aren't too many Canadian soldiers signed up for 'adoption' yet, but it's only a matter of time. The letters are out, the favours are being requested and it's a matter of time. As more troops are sent to Afghanistan, it's a small thing for us to do to help.

As I sit here watching the live coverage of Smokey Smith's funeral, I can't help but feel we need to make a more conscious effort of supporting our troops.

Check out Angels N' Camoflauge today and do your part. It's not that hard to pop a quick postcard in the mail, or a few snacks or magazines in a package. These people are away from their loved ones, their families and the MSM in Canada doesn't really cover their stories. It's time we remember them for what they are doing in the world today.

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