August 05, 2005
Music of the moment
Kyra has kindly tagged me with the request of naming 10 songs I'm into right now. I'm a little behind on this and I hope she can forgive's been a challenging week. One day I'll bleat about it but for now it's just enough to be upright!

Hmmmm....songs. So very hard to find and single out 10! I love all music. It's an obsession with me to give a chance to any song, any style. I'm always open to something new. Like the awesome band out of South Africa called Just Jinger, or the Australian band The Waifs. Or the latest new artist I just love is Courtenay Jaye.

But today is about singles. And I have to warn you...I'm a bit introspective this week so I'm all over the place with music. I've linked the lyrics of the songs. Have a little read. They're worth it, I think.

  1. Wishful Thinking and I'll Be Okay - Amanda Marshall. Ok, fine - that's two but it's my favourite artist so I can get away with it. I blogged about the first song here. The other song 'I'll be okay' is originally from the movie, My Best Friend's Wedding and whenever I get a little too melancholy, I find the lines floating around in my head. It grounds me.

  2. Pon De Replay - Rhianna - every summer needs some bouncy, useless song to get you jumping, doesn't it? There's no deeper meaning here. The beat of this song just always makes me smile.

  3. Cool - Gwen Stefani - this song strikes a chord with me. In 1995, when my ex and I split, his new girlfriend looked like Gwen. It bothered me a lot at the time, and I hated No Doubt for years because of it. Yeah, shallow, I know. At that time, Don't Speak was the big hit and I would tear up every time I heard it. Now hearing this song it sort of gives me that full circle feeling. That I couldn't be farther from that little girl 10 years ago. And it also is perfect for my relationship with my friend, JB. We have the greatest friendship now, after a very volatile 4 year romantic relationship. He's someone I can call up anytime and get that guys' perspective. He calls me on my crap, and I call him on his. Recently, it was his birthday and I called him to congratulate him on getting old. He was a bit tipsy and was a bit emotional about us still being friends. He started the line 'If you're single and I'm single at 40...' 'JB', I cried 'Don't even finish that sentence!' 'No, no...wait...if you're single and I'm single at 40, well, you'll be 40 before I will!' Heh. He's a funny, funny boy.

  4. Breathe (2AM) - Anna Nalick - Any song that can start with such powerful lyrics as 2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake/"Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?,/I don't love him. Winter just wasn't my season"/ has my attention.

  5. Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw - Coming close in 2003 hit me hard. A lot of very deeply changing moments happened in those 6 days of the stay in ICU. It's something that is extremely personal to me and I know just how precious life is. Of course, for those that haven't seen that, I often get the eye rolls when I try to explain. This week, one of my friends found out that her mom has acute leukemia, and today, another friend lost his sister-in-law to a brain tumour. Life is just such an incredible gift and we never should lose sight of that.

  6. In My Daughter's Eyes - Martina McBride - While Ms. Thang isn't mine, she is likely the closest to a daughter I will ever have. When my niece announced she was expecting, I found out that my chances were considerably diminished of being able to conceive without radical intervention. Since then, it's become even more obvious that my motherhood chances are about a snowball in hell. So the little one has had a deeper grip on my heart than she will likely ever know. It's funny....I have a special place for both the kids, but Hayley is my world. I could hold that little girl forever, and she knows it.

  7. More Than You'll Ever Know - Travis Tritt - Travis Tritt is, hands down, my favourite male singer. I even travelled last year to Seattle to see him perform and I wasn't disappointed. Which reminds me...I really should post some of those pics. There were some great ones! The song's lyrics ( I'm sure you've heard it said hearts have windows/But mine has doors a painful past has closed/Unless someday they open wide revealing feelings locked inside/I'll love you more than you'll ever know) is often how I feel, and I find myself struggling to believe that there is someone that will open up and trust me, and in return, I can learn to trust again myself.

  8. Superman - Five For Fighting - This reminds me of my big tough brother. Well, it doesn't just remind me of him, it is him. He's our anchor. He's the strong guy in the family. He's a policeman and he's also the one we all go to for advice. Just before his daughter's wedding, he confided in me that this song makes him emotional because he knows what we all think of him and sometimes that pressure feels too great for him. That he's somehow not worthy. I just hugged him. Of course, he is.

  9. Caught Up In You - .38 Special - Take the girl out of the 80s but you can't take the 80s out of the girl. I have always loved this song and it's probably my most favourite song that reminds me of growing up.

  10. Old Skool Love - Divine Brown - There's just something about this song. Whether it's the retro feel or the memories it brings, but it's fast becoming a favourite.

Well, there ya have it and it's bedtime for this puppy. It's been a loooong week with the 'graines and I have a lot of sleep to catch up on.

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