February 27, 2005
Ever hear a song that just fits?
I heard a song this morning, that for some reason, I never noticed before. It's by one of my most my favourite artists, Amanda Marshall. Her voice is amazing to me...I could listen to her for hours, and I have. I have no idea when this was released or even if I've heard it before, but it hit a deep chord.

Wishful Thinking

I will wait for you
Like I promised I would do
Although it brings me pain
And you always knew
What to say to lead me to
Believe it's not in vain
I was safe and secure
When you were with me
But it only could last
'Til the day that she took you back again

So I get by
On wishful thinking
That when you come home
You'll want to stay
Give me your hand
Save me from sinking
Another day of wishful thinking

Sometimes it's lonely
And faith don't come easy
And dreams begin to fade
Then you reassure me
How good it's gonna be
When you come back someday
You said you'd be back
After you said goodbye
I have to believe that it wasn't a lie
And you'll be here again

I was safe and secure
When you were with me
But it only could last
'Til the day that she took you back again
Another day of wishful thinking
Give me your hand
Save me from sinking

Ugh, blame my melancholy on my Crohn's. I've not been able to keep food settling properly for 5 days now. Who knows, maybe it's the flu? But the end of the day - oh wait, there is no end of the day - I'm just feeling very weak and tired. I went to bed early last night only to be awake from 1am - 6am. So today has been a write-off.

Had a fun Friday night though...went to see some friends perform at a bar downtown. I'll blog about it later, after the Oscars.

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