February 24, 2005
Interviewed by Rebecca
Rebecca at Doxology offered to interview 5 of her regular blog readers, and I was happy to participate. These things give a great way to think a little about yourself as well as share things with others than you normally wouldn't think about. Here's Rebecca's questions for me:

1. We're both from the Lower Mainland. What place (park, building, etc) do you love to visit?

Locally, I'd have to say Garry Point Park. It's close to my house and has a very sweet little beach we often sit at in the summer. Also, often there's local singers that come and ply their trade. We have a memorial bench in the park for our lost loved ones, so it's a way to feel close to them. (Lower Mainland for those outside of the area is Greater Vancouver)

2. What would your dream job be?

Something creative, that allows me to work at my own hours and from home. I'd love to write a book on my family history (sort of Angela's Ashes-style), but don't have the confidence just yet. I love graphic design, but of course, know that it's a fierce world and lots of competition. Basically, any job that lets me 'think outside of the box' and doesn't offer a 2 hour commute is already a step up!

3. If you could be in a movie, what would it be?

Oooh, toughie! It'd probably be a bit of a romance, but with some depth to it. You know, tragedy, things going wrong, but for the greater good, things prevail. And I'd get the guy in the end! =)

4. What's your favorite book and why?

It's a tie. My favourite books are Bryce Courtenay's Four Fires, and Wilbur Smith's The Burning Shore.

Four Fires was an amazing book to me as it introduced characters I truly felt like I knew and could identify with. It tells the story of a poor Irish Catholic family trying to make a living in post-WWII Australia. The main characters reminded me very much of my cousins and their Dad my Uncle. It spoke of the POW Camps in Malaysia in WWII and the death marches that took place. The book moved me so much I ended up doing research into the camps and learned that it was not just a work of fiction, but had a lot of truth to it. To this day (I read the book first time two years ago), it haunts me and I often think of the characters as if they were real.

Burning Shore tells the story of a young and pregnant French woman, who travels across the continent of Africa in search of her husband. I read it long ago but the trials of the journey and the related drama came so real. When I went to South Africa, and saw the places Wilbur Smith spoke of in the books, it was a defining moment.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

To be honest, there's not a lot. I'm pretty much at peace with who I am and in my offline life, I'm more or less happy. But if pressed, I would like to be more confident in my opinions. Most times I am, but I do find I censor myself at times when I am still working out my positions and don't feel confident enough to argue a point. I've found since I started blogging, some of my key positions have been strengthened and in some cases, changed completely just by reading up and becoming more educated. I would like to work on making more issue-driven posts...but that will come.

Oh and while we're on it, I'd like to be more outgoing and be able to meet people easier. I am pretty introverted and envy those who can just talk to new people easily. Online it's easy, but in the real world? Pah!

Well, those are my answers and now I leave it over to those reading - here's your chance to be interviewed by myself! First five people to respond get to play.
  1. Leave me a comment saying "interview me."
  2. I will respond by asking you five questions.
  3. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.
  4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some.)

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