February 21, 2005
Letter Page 4

before he died he went off like a little lamb. I am heart broken to think I have lost him. we have had him a nice little Coffin made for him and 4 boys to carry him. the neighbours all send him some nice Flowers & me & dad had a wreath made from us All. Well now my dear I must thank Auntie and Uncle [who my Nan was staying with in Ireland] for the Money they sent also you for thinking to same as we had not a penny to fly to & we have got to pay for the Fees of the Inquest so will you tell Auntie and uncle I will rite them to morrow. I am to upset to rite more so good night and God Bless you All. I am your loving heart broken Mam.

I used to have the funeral card that went with this, and it would seem the poor child, Charlie was just 4 years old. Family legend says he had epilepsy, or some form of seizure inducing illness. No one really knows for sure, and I would love to one day find out how to get my hands on the inquest papers, as I'm sure they are still held somewhere.

I always find these types of time capsules fascinating, and as I have time now, I'm starting to go through them and make some scans where I can.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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