February 16, 2005
Why Googling is evil
What did we ever do without the internet? Without being able to search loads upon loads of information, and obsess about simple things?

Whether it be HTML coding, graphics or information about where Todd is, I can't stop! I did find a nice little 'cheat sheet' though for googling here.

With his blessing, I can now say that Todd is in Camp Anaconda, his new home for the next little duration. Apparently, it's referred lovingly by it's inhabitants as 'Mortaritaville'. We talked for 45 minutes last night. He still hasn't got the idea of the 11 hour time difference, but I can't say I mind that much. It is a strangely wonderful feeling to wake up to his call in the middle of the night and I slept better than I have in weeks after talking to him. Yeah, I got it bad.

Yes, the weather sucks there. It's muddy, it's cold, and he hears the mortars fall every day. He said that with such blase, like it was nothing. But I guess that's they way it's supposed to be.

Oddly, the mouse of their public computers seem to go missing on a regular basis. Why would someone steal those? It seems such an insignificant thing, and not worth the punishment it would incur for being caught. So that's his excuse this week for not sending me new pictures. I think he's just a lot more computer illiterate than he would like to admit!

So I've spent the night trying to find out other blogs related to Mortaritaville, without much luck. But I have found out that some soldiers were killed on February 1 there. Not all that comforting! This is going to be a long year!

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