February 11, 2005
Let me get this straight...
The Florida birthing unit that made up the story about her newborn being tossed out of a window just floors me. Florida ALLOWS you to drop off a newborn baby, at a firestation (not quite getting that one...) if you don't want it. Why, oh, why would she feel the need to string up some half-assed story about the way she 'found' the baby? Did she think becoming a good Samaritan somehow absolved her of the rest?

She's 38 years old! Not a child, herself, by any means. And now, forget hiding it from her family...the whole world knows! And she's lost her 10-year old child to Social Services! Where will this woman be 6 months from now after all the news reports end?

Ok, a creepy story from this neck of the woods - of course, I can't seem to find a link, but it's on our TV News tonight. A woman in line at a Saanich McDonalds restaurant felt a man behind her grab her hair, sort of touching it. Her immediate thought was it was someone she knew, but when she turned around, it was this older 60-70ish man sort of standing there looking at her. She confronted him, told him to stop, and he sheepishly apologized and left. She then ran her hand through her hair, and realized he'd cut off about 7"!!!! EWWWW!!!! And if that wasn't bad enough, there have been 3 other incidents roughly the same over the past couple months in restaurants and on buses locally. The police think the man is using a hunter's knife. Just so freaky....

Vancouver, British Columbia
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