February 10, 2005
First A to Z
Another from sweetmeme.

A to Z the first things in my life

I bought my apartment with my ex in 1994. I never actually lived there though, as things went sour just about 30 seconds after we signed the papers. He eventually bought me out. It would be 3 years before I ventured out to my very own apartment, a 1-bedroom classic with a little balcony and no space. I was the youngest in the building...not sure how that happened but it seemed like I found the only Geriatric Wing in the trendy part of the city.

Best Friend
First? Hmmmm....I guess that would have been Heather? We were inseparable between the ages of 4 and 13. We shared everything. Well, until she found boys at 13 and got knocked up. Of course, she went to 'live with an aunt' but we all knew why.

1987 Pontiac Firefly. I went to the store for milk, and ended up buying a car. The first major impluse buy I can ever remember. It was so poorly constructed, I would have been safer in cardboard.

10? [cringe] My parents thought it was so cute. He was the fair-haired 13-year old neighbour boy and we went to see "A Pirate Movie" with Christy McNicol. What they didn't know is that we actually didn't go to the movie, but went behind the theatres. I was much too curious for 10.

Tonya. Not a question. I hated that big-haired pompom queen. She came from the big city of Toronto and tried to steal all my friends. Told stories about me. Evil. Pure Evil. Of course, the vindictive side of me had to smile when I heard she was in re-hab for the 4th time for a coke addiction. And at our 10 year reunion, she was so looped she couldn't even stand up.

My Uncle Jack. I was 13. The day before he died I made an offhanded comment that I had never been to a funeral before, and then he passed away that night. I felt for a long time that I had somehow caused it.

My parents took me to Reno when I was 9. When the guards were looking the other way, I popped a quarter in. Was hooked from there on in!

Ugh. I can still remember the despair. I was 15. I thought he was my world. I completely lost it at school and can remember running through the hallway sobbing loudly, not being able to control the emotion. I thought my life was completely over. Such a drama queen back then!

13. Me and Tammy R. at my house on the last day of Grade 8. Knowing that my Dad measured what was left in the bottles (remember, I'm the last of 5...), we syphoned off 1/2" of each bottle. The result was an absolutely vile ditch-water coloured slime. We drank it through straws and then ended up at a boy's house and we'll just stop there except to say alcohol has never been my friend.

My Mom's bakery. I started by folding boxes and washing trays in the back. When I was old enough to work legally, I was out front serving customers. My mom was hard to work for, very strict, but I learned at a young age the importance of customer service and how to make change correctly. I was bookkeeping by 15, and it was a great way to learn by fire.

First? Oi! That was probably Greg, the kid down the street at about 6? Only because we'd seen his older sister and her boyfriend and we wondered what the fuss was about. Still couldn't figure it out. First kiss that was meant? Back to me at 10, and Darren who was 13. He was pretty cute, in retrospect. Too bad he ended up being a drug dealer.

First true love was related to the first heartbreak. I still remember feeling dizzy at 14 when we first met, and I couldn't believe he was talking to ME!

I think it was called 'The Black Hole"? It was some sci-fi Disney thing. There was also some other one, with a ginger cat that could talk. It was also Disney.

Dude. I couldn't say Susan when I was a toddler, but it came out Dudan. So Dude was born.

Overnight Sleepover
My cousin, Irene's. My family wasn't too big on the sleepover thing, so unless it was family or they were at my house, it wasn't happening. If it was at my cousin's, I would inevitably cry. She was 3 years old than me and delighted in telling me ghost stories until she scared me silly. 'Sue, you know that pillow you have your head on? That's the same one Aunt Betty was sleeping on when she DIED!' She still thinks it's hilarious.

We had so many, having the kennel attached to the house. My brother brought a stray home when I was about 2 named Buffy. She was most likely the closest to being MY dog I ever had. I was devastated when she passed away at 13.

Queer Experience
Heh? None here...been definitely hetero all my life. First idea that it existed was probably Billy Crystal's character in Soap. It never occured to me as controversial, just another way of life.

Road Trip
With family, to Disneyland in 1976. With my two brothers, my Mom and Dad. Without family, the ex and I drove to the Oregon Coast when I was about 19 or so. I felt so grown up, driving all that way. Of course, it rained the entire way and by the end I was BEGGING him to let us stay in a hotel just one night!

Speeding Ticket
17. 60kmh in a school (30kmh) zone. I cried. The officer felt badly for me, but not too badly. I still got the ticket.

14. He doubled me on his 10-speed to the drugstore so he could buy some rubbers. I may have been young, but I wasn't being silly. Yuh, like I said earlier, I was a curious child. Which is exactly why I stuck to my nieces like glue when they were that age. I only wish I had someone I could have talked to during that time.

Unchaperoned Concert
Huey Lewis and the News. Age 18. We drove there in the backseat of my ex's cousins pimpmobile. I felt really cool that night. His grandmother left us with the advice 'Don't let anyone stick you with a needle while you're there!' Yeah, hardly...

Visit to Another Country
Well, since I live 20 minutes from the US border, probably pretty young.

Westward Migration
Considering I pretty much live in the same place I was born, um, never? But if pressed, I now live on the western-most part of the Lower Mainland.

Well, I had a heart condition at birth so pretty much immediately. I also had pneumonia at 4 so probably then too.

Yoni Tree
No idea what that is.

Zombie Movie
Oh, school band trip, age 14. They had a VHS machine...of course, back then, it was so cool! Not many people did.

Vancouver, British Columbia
A patriotic Canadian full of visions of a better Canada, random thoughts and a lot of hot air. Who am I? A struggling writer and photographer, who looks forward to a better Canada. I read. A lot. I learn. A lot. I push myself. A lot. The world is a small place, and getting smaller every day. I'm proud to have friends in every corner of the earth, and abide by the old adage that there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet.

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