February 09, 2005
Rock lobster
I was greeted rather early this morning by a friend calling to wish me a Happy Chinese New Year. It's hard to miss the signs around town today. The lineup to get into the local Buddhist temple is stretched around the block, people streaming in dressed in their finest clothes. A lot of traditional Chinese dress...gorgeous deep reds, and gold.

I was born under the sign of the Earth Rooster. Every time I hear that, I think of Rock Lobster. Don't know why, just do... According to my friend, when it's your year, it's always an especially lucky one.

This year is the Year of The Wood Rooster. Earth and Wood, gotta be good right? Looks like it might be. According to one site:

Long live change! You'll want to discover new horizons, but see to it that your energy is directed toward precise objectives. Thus, in your work, beware of imprudent behavior! Heartwise, instead of putting your mate on tenterhooks too often, try to reassure them.

I realize you can read anything you like into these, but they're a lot of fun, as long as you don't take it too seriously. Now, if I could only find a good Tarot reader, I'd be great. I can read Tarot for others, but have never been able to do mine well.

In other news, I signed up for two online courses today, both related to Creative Writing. I figure I should spend some time learning about writing, as it seems to have been something that's allowed me a great way to de-stress over the past few months.

Also, it's Little One's birthday on February 22. She'll be 3. I've been asked (roped into?) helping organize a Dora The Explorer fiesta. Anyone have any ideas on that one? I'll have to do some research.

I did too much yesterday and earlier today, so I'm on the convalescence couch for the rest of the day, methinks. So much fun when your body hits that rubber band and snaps back with force.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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