February 10, 2005
The Prince and his Concubine
So Chuck and Cam are tying the knot, I hear. On April 8, apparently. Pretty sure I can stop holding my breath on the invite.

Apparently, she cannot be called Queen. My Mom thought they were going to call her the Prince Concubine. Consort, Mom, Consort. Although, I guess they're somewhat similar. Then again, Prince Philip is called the Queen's Consort, so it makes sense.

Honestly, good for 'em. For a woman who didn't send Chuck on his rather large ear after the whole Tampon fiasco, she must have some sort of bond. Besides, after 30 years of courtship, she can certainly have the medal for patience. They've had a trial by fire for a long time, and yes, he certainly was no prince during his marriage. But I think they've earned it, and even if they haven't, who are we to have an opinion?

Vancouver, British Columbia
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