February 24, 2005
Search Words
I have a subscription to SiteMeter that allows me to see what search words bring people to my blog. It's almost as fun as reading spam for the creativity.

This week's highlights are:

1. 'Mariane Pearl' naked pic - Um, dude, really? Well, I'm assuming dude here. Seriously, though, what brainiac thought that someone who lost their husband to a terrorist act called Playboy up in the next instance? And, why did that come up with MY blog?

2. 'manners of avoding to get pregnant' - You're not going to find the secret here, sweetie. Maybe even try a dictionary first?

3. 'mortaritaville' - Ok, fair enough. I did mention it once, but knowing that someone found my blog based on that sort of freaked me out and it's why I took the picture of Todd down. The person who did the search was in his home time zone and that was enough for me. For the record, I've tried to be ultra careful with stuff about him, including his name. 'nuff said.

4. 'oreos down syndrome' - huhwah???? Now what urban legend is this from? Do Oreos have some sort of chromosonal gene-splitting secret ingredient? Trust me, I am not the leading authority on this one.

It's really odd what people will search for and odder still what brings them to this little neck of the woods.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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