February 24, 2005
Family wedding
We received the invitation today. Melissa's getting married to Mike on May 14. It's official.

My niece, Melissa is the oldest 'granddaughter'. Born in 1981, she inherited the red hair that one person from each generation gets. Thankfully, for her she was also lucky enough to inherit the curls too. Not that I'm biased, but she's a beaut. =)

Shannon and Melissa are as similar as chalk and cheese. While I love them both, it's hard to believe they are even in the same family. Melissa has had drive from early on and has made a great career for herself in a well-established hospitality venue. She was the youngest district manager in the Lower Mainland.

She met Mike a while back and while I haven't had the chance to meet him, I have talked to him on the phone and he seems like a great guy. The wedding will take place at a gorgeous golf course, with all the works. I'm so happy for her...she's worked hard for it all and she's only just begun to be successful.

So is it weird that now TWO of my nieces have beat me to the marriage alley?

Vancouver, British Columbia
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