September 12, 2005
Burns Bog
Tonight the Lower Mainland of Vancouver sits in a fog of smoke from a 20-hectare fire burning at, appropriately enough, Burns Bog.

The wafting of the smoke has permeated the city and ash has been found on cars nearly 20 kms away (including my own). It smells like one huge campfire.

I work not too far from where the fire is, and it was definitely noticeable in the air today. You couldn't help but have a scratchy throat and watery eyes. I took this picture while driving home from work.

A web poll at shows 75% of people have noticed the effects of this large fire, and it looks as if there is no end in sight. This is not just a forest fire, but the added bonus of being in a peat bog means the fire could smoulder for months.

Burns Bog is the largest undeveloped urban area in North America, at about 4,000 acres. It is home to many species of wildife from beaver to bear.

Late this afternoon, an advisory for air quality was issued. Because of my mother's emphysema, my parents decided to leave town for a few days. Although they had already planned a trip in the near future, the looks of this fire made them move the trip up a little bit. She's just getting on her feet after being so ill in early July and she just does not need another setback.

However, I have to admit there is something very cool about watching the Mars Bombers dropping retardant, and the helicopers dousing the flames with water. Certainly not a common sight in the urban zone.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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