September 10, 2005
Nature's Beauty
Last night was the most beautiful sunset I'd seen in a long while. Considering the windstorm we had the night before, it was an amazing sight.

The windstorm the night before caused quite a lot of excitement, as a gust took my front fence down. The area I live in gets the wind stronger than most places because it's right on the water, and my house is one of the first the wind hits coming off the water after 30km. We often lose branches and trees in this area every fall, and the low growl of the wind is a common sound in the autumn.

But hearing my fence catch the wind and fall over was a bit shocking. A neighbour and I tried to shore it up, but during the night the continued gusts were too much. I had to climb over the 4 ft., which was at a 45 deg. angle to get to my car for work in the morning. And considering my lack of gracefulness with this knee, I am just hoping no neighbour happened to be watching out the window!

Still really feeling ill and am still on liquid diet. This is now over 2 weeks of naught but broth and juice. Although the last couple days, I've been wild and crazy adding buttermilk biscuits to the mix. Ooooh, hold me back! Unfortunately, things have not settled which lead me to the thought that I should just start eating all the bad things - chocolate and the like, as this seems to be some sort of free calorie week.

And I figure the fact I'm saving so much money by not being able to go out and drive anywhere, I may just have to splurge on something nice.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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