August 31, 2005
World response
For a comprehensive list of charities, see here.

There are a lot of comments and posts that there is a lack of response from governments in other countries in the aftermath of Katrina.

I think, along with the emotion and the focus of the media, it may be overlooked but there is much evidence that many countries, including Canada are standing ready to pitch in where ever necessary. It bothers me to think that some feel the rest of the world doesn't care, because that is just plainly untrue. It's just such a time of high emotion, to say the least.

A report on some countries offers of support and compassion are here.

Paul Martin has now issued his statement here.

Not to mention, John The Mad reminds us it's time to help our neighbours.

As I metioned earlier, a contingent of 200 Canadian Red Cross workers are organizing their deployement to the scene (even if I can't find the link right now) and more from Vancouver Urban Search & Rescue as well.

(Update - Vancouver Urban Seach & Rescue has now left for the region, making them the first Non-US contingent to go.)

It is almost unbearable to hear the stories of people asking for help and none arriving. Hearing of little children crying for food and water, and not having it available. It is like a slow moving freight train and just keeps feeling worse. But, I can only hold hope that the powers that be will get organized soon and this tragedy can start righting itself.

This is a tragedy larger than any that the US has had to deal with before. It takes time. Sadly, time is not a luxury which makes the situation even more heart-wrenching. But logistically, when the police have no communication, the roads are blocked, people are shooting each other, there are no electricity or water and just so many more obstacles, the situation is not straight forward.

But it will turn. It will improve. The infrastructure will start to mobilize. Turning it into the blame game doesn't help anything.

Vancouver, British Columbia
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